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You better give GAIKA the "Crown & Key" right now, he's about to blow

For WARP Records signee GAIKA, the past couple of years have seen him go from strength to strength. Not only has the London born artist released a strong slew of singles, he's also played shows across the globe in cities such as New York, LA & Barcelona. With 2018 well underway, GAIKA is gearing up for the release of his debut album on WARP, Basic Volume, which is set for release on July 27th. As the date gets ever closer, we've been treated to a brand new video, and in true GAIKA style, it's immaculately done.

GAIKA's latest visuals are arguably his strongest to date, and goes a long way to cementing his place as one of the most exciting talents emerging from the British Isles. "Crown & Key" is a raucous & energetic blend of Caribbean vocal melodies & hard hitting bass music drum patterns & stabbing synth lines. It's a unique combination that production duo AART have created and one that has set GAIKA apart from many of his contemporaries. The video has a harsh, dystopian feel to it, with hooded figures ceremonially stood around a disused building, adding suspense and intrigue around the whole affair. Definitely one for the art lovers.

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Electronic · Music Videos · U.K.


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