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Murkage Dave is very relatable in video for "You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy"

It's the age old dilemma; you're on your phone, browsing social media, and someone tries calling you. You sit there and wait, and wait, and wait, for what seems an eternity, for them to hang up. When they do, you text them back giving some shoddy excuse about how you're too busy to talk. Now, if you add in the fact that you're one of London's most popular DJ's, who's event across the country have people clamouring for tickets, you get a Murkage Dave sized problem. The London born artist has seen his popularity rise over recent years, and his strong release of slick singles has definitely helped his fan base grow. However on his latest tune, he describes the perils of having so many people asking favours for that pesky guest list spot at shows. And now we've been treated to a video for it.

"You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy" has become something of an anthem for DJ's, promoters and artists, and the self explanatory visuals further strengthen the songs position. Whether he's sitting in the same clothes that he just slept in, or visiting the asian man shop to try and fix his phone, this brilliantly shot video from Marco Grey, fits the tune so perfectly.

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