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OTR & Blondage are shedding winter relationships on "Cold Facts"

We've been steadily supporting Aerospace engineer turned producer OTR for our supportive EARMILK community. So it's no surprise when he drops new music we'll be paying attention. His latest project is a collaboration effort with singer/songwriter Pernile Smith-Sivertsen aka Blondage. 

"Cold Facts" follows on the heels of OTR's highly successful remix of Blondage’s single ‘Stoned’, and is another smooth piece of work to add to both artists repertoires. "Cold Facts" is about shedding toxic Winter relationships, it speaks to freedom of both mind and body. "OTR made a killer remix of our song 'Stoned' last year and it was obvious that we should make a track together. When I heard the first demo for this song, the melodi and lyrics completely wrote itself. I love how the track bounces back and forth between great sensitivity and a powerful, liberating energy. Cold Fact is about breaking free from a version of yourself that you've outgrown. And fiercely owning your transition. This song is bubbling with spring and a feeling of change," shares Blondage. We hope more collaborations are in store for the pair, but in the meantime shed some winter weight and give this a spin above. 
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