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LeyeT releases honest pop single "Most People"

It's always exciting when pop music finds a way to capture those specific feelings you think it wouldn't be able to. That's what LA-based LeyeT (pronounced like "light")'s new single "Most People" is about-- it's got all the elements of a cool summer pop hit but also hits upon the subject of self-confidence in a way that's deadpan with expression; one in which she's both the comforter and the one speaking words that anyone who has ever felt insecure will want to hear. LeyeT talks about the emotional process of creating "Most People", saying:

 “This one made me cry the day I wrote it. I brought the idea of “most people won’t get it” into a session with two of my close friends Zack Burke and Dylan Emmet. They loved it; the song felt like it wrote itself in a matter of hours and on the car ride leaving the session listening to the demo, I got so emotional! It was what I needed to hear myself during a time when I was feeling super overwhelmed. At the heart of what I want to provide for others through my artistry is clarity – my hope is that this song helps to bring that about and to help re-affirm sense of self."

We can only hope to expect more from LeyeT this summer, so stay tuned. 

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