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Para Fiction gets the punk and hip-hop thing really really right on "W Y S X"

Fuck yes. You know that feeling you get when you hear a song that transcends music itself? That feeling where a song comes off so raw, with so much energy it’s altogether more than just music? It’s like a ball of chaotic energy, ya know? Well, If not, you’re about to learn all about that feeling, thanks to Para Fiction’s latest, “W Y S X.”

Damn. Everything about “W Y S X” makes me hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Okay, that’s a bold statement for a song with a gnarly guitar lick and a late 80s rap vibe, but keep an open mind, here. The two members of Para Fiction, Jambo Unchained and Master Fado, have a delivery style that does not give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. But, it’s not a cocky delivery, it’s a raw and self-aware one. These two dudes are a perfect mix of punk and hip-hop, and they fucking know it.

There about a billion examples of the mixing of hip-hop and rock or hip-hop and punk going terribly wrong, so it’s a pleasure to say that these two got it right. And right from the start, that much is clear, with that gnarled guitar loop that is pure chaos and mayhem.

Both Jambo and Fado cut their teeth in the Brighton Punk scene, so it’s no wonder their music packs so much energy into every second. This is the first we’ve heard of these cats but damn, here’s hoping it isn’t the last. 

Connect with Para Fiction: SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook

Hip-Hop · Punk


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