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AMWIN's version of Pop on "Living Mistake" is the best version of pop

To say genre blending is a significant trend these days is a bit of an understatement. Every other artist out there is mixing this with that to make something new and exciting and blah blah blah. Just because you can mix and match, however, doesn’t mean you should. Well, that is unless your name is AMWIN. And if your name is AMWIN, you should keep doing whatever it is you were doing, and then continue to do that forever.

The subject matter on AMWIN’s latest song, “Living Mistake” may revolve around being a klutz, but listen here friends, this track is far from a fuck up. AMWIN delivers Pop as you’ve never heard it before. She’s like the Swedish version of Amine. She’s Hip Pop with pulsing productions that force your body to groove. And then that chorus hits and, damn. Oh, and lyrically “Living Mistake” is unbelievably relatable. Who can’t relate to lines like “I am a mess, got no finesse. Guess I just like it that way” and “Every minute I ask myself, ‘why’d I do that?’”


About her latest single, AMWIN says “I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a fuck up. I’m clumsy, I’ve got a big mouth that runs 24/7, and I have a tendency to act first and think later. As much as this sometimes gets me in trouble, I actually love all those parts of my personality. I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Living Mistake” is sort of an ode to the way I am. My parents are super proud of me…”

Something incredible is happening in the Scandinavian pop scene folks, and AMWIN is a shining example of its potential and direction.

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