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PENPALS deliver the goods on "To Whom It May Concern"

NY trio PENPALS come through with nothing but bars on their latest LP titled "To Whom It May Concern"

Made up of two rappers Cynic The Apache and Rapswell and producer Squires, the trio bring what we would call ballsy off-kilter rap on their aforementioned project. The rappers blend humor and sharp wits into their lyrics while the producer completes the cipher with that good old head nodding boom-bap that we all love. For the most part, Cynic and Rapswell sound so natural together and it's always a joy to hear them trade couplets on some of the tracks on the project.

The project ignores the traditional intro and kicks off with a dark, hard-hitting joint titled "Sho Nuff" and trust when we say it is pure rawness from start to finish. While most of the cuts are half serious in subject matter tracks like the tech-conspiracy meditations on standout single “Hi Tech”, the spiritual musings on the Quelle Chris-produced, “Up To The Sky.” and the struggle anthem “So Real It’s Real” produced by The Doppelgangaz, show how really serious the rappers can get when it comes down to relatable topics. As Rapswell explains, the group worked passionately to make this their best project yet, and he’s hopeful they can continue pushing themselves and further grow their audience. Get the audio on iTunes, Bandcamp.

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