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Dial "55555" to reach Sinistarr

Jeremey Howard the Detroit, Michigan based producer better known as Sinistarr is here to kick off this Monday and your work week with a new single, "55555" for Beat Machine Records an Italian imprint that pumps out dance music for the underground beat heads.

Sinistarr has written mainly drum & bass for various labels such as Goldie's Metalheadz imprint, Hospital, Renegade Hardware, dBridge’s Exit Records doing strictly drum& bass. He has also released works with many different tempos for various labels like SMOG, Loose Squares and Pinch's Tectonic. Now Sinistarr is being featured on Swinging Flavor's 7" vinyl series devoted to bass music with this release of "55555." 

The A side of this 7" is the high energy "55555" a track that is reminiscent of the old footwork and jukin' cuts from Detroit's heyday. Sinistarr has managed to capture a chilled out vibe with this high octane Drum n Bass single.

The song has all the elements you would expect high energy drum loop of a multi bass drum, the pitter patter of an affected snare, and the ever constant hi hat hitting every four. "55555" couples this Drum n Bass loop with chopped and layered vocals, a flute sample melody, and some heavy bass. 

If you have got a case of the Monday's Sinistarr is here to give you the pick me up you need. Be sure to also keep your body ready for the B side which is the Phillip D. Kick remix of "55555." 

Sinistarr can be reached here: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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