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Ga-Nu introduces us to her electro-soul vibes on this majestic 'Wandering Soul' EP 

Philadelphia-based vocalist and producer Ga-Nu releases her new EP ‘Wandering Soul’.

The EP is a majestic 5 track body of work consisting of 2 original songs "Wandering Soul", "Waiting For You" and 3 remixes of "Wandering Soul" by producers Ink project, Nate Connelly, and Turtle. Straying from the norm, Ga-Nu incorporates an off-kilter blend of downtempo elements against various hip-hop and R&B aesthetics. For example, "Wandering Soul" is a mellow R&B influenced lullaby that showcases her ethereal vocal style through vulnerable unfiltered emotions. "Waiting For You" on the other hand is extremely experimental with it's reversed vocals, raw, loop-station dubby house, and spiritual, harmonic composition. The EP then takes a whole different turn as Ink Project, Nate Connelly and Jon Cooper AKA Turtle each bring their own unique version of the title track blending funk drums, ambient elements, and slow house grooves to complete the project. Overall, it's a beautiful blend of various sounds and influences, as well as a musical treat for anyone's ears. 

1. Wandering Soul
2. Waiting For You
3. Wandering Soul (Ink Project Remix)
4. Wandering Soul (Nate Connelly Remix)
5. Wandering Soul (Turtle Remix)

Connect with Ga-Nu: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Main Stage · Soul · Trip-Hop


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