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Lyric Michelle delivers a mighty dose of inspiration on "Boot Straps"

Lyric Michelle delivers yet another poignant single titled "Boot Straps."

On the gripping single, she employs the use of a gospel sample originally recorded by Alan Lomax in 1947 at the Mississippi State Penitentiary in an effort to capture the morning blues songs sung by the black, “negro,” prisoners. This sets the tone and serves as a driving force for Lyric Michelle's emotional-drenched, gritty vocal performance. Steeped in pain and anguish, she proceeds to fend off eye-roll worthy questions from newly sanctioned leftists and tears down double-edged masculine support with one bar, “I got your back, but who’s got mine?” It’s tough and aggressive, but you can feel the delicate pain from which it derives.

"Boot Straps," as Lyric puts, “It’s about the underrepresentation of experiences like my own in this world. The #MeToo movement and the #BLM movement were both started by black women, yet black women are not at the center of the very same conversations they started. This is just what I've noticed as a dark-skinned girl born to immigrant parents so far. This just how I see it, though I don't think I'm alone.” 

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