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Moses Sumney releases star-studded "Make Out In My Car (Chameleon Suite)" EP

Moses Sumney is a self-made master of his craft. In a new four track EP, Sumney reveals an extended version of his Aromanticism single "Make Out in My Car" along with three reworks of the track from a hefty lineup of musicians. 

The name of Sumney's game is jazz-influenced R&B, pulsing rhythm and luscious vocal. His extended version of "Make Out in My Car" is infused with jazz flute. On any given day, I wouldn't peg the flute as a particularly sexy instrument. This single proves me wrong. There is a warmth and sultry attitude to the tone of this track that radiates through all of the production. It's transformative and transportive. 

Alex Isley and Sumney tackle the second rework of the song together, performing it as a duet. Again, the warmth of the vocals and instrumentation prevail; Isley's voice is like honey. Next up is James Blake, who lends his singular expertise to a remix of the beat. Lastly, Sufjan Stevens rewrites the track, building upon the original but offering up his gentle, breathy voice and acoustic sensibilities. The beat is abandoned in favour of delicate piano and subtle harmonies. Sumney is scheduled to perform at a slew of music festivals throughout the summer, and it would be delightful and utterly unsurprising if he came out from those performances being hailed as one of the most intriguing and inventive artists of our generation. 

Connect with Moses Sumney: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter


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