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David Heartbreak delivers the bass on 'No More Heartbreak'

David Heartbreak's new EP marks a return to music two years after an abrupt exit. The story of No More Heartbreak begins with the loss of a father figure, grandmother, and niece in a three-month span. Hit play below:

Deeply affected by his familial losses, David walked away from everything. After taking time to heal while in Berlin, he began to find himself in the studio producing and learning from some of the best producers and sound designers in the world. The experience drove him to further master Ableton and evolve his own personal sound.

Opening No More Heartbreak with "JetPack," we hear David bring the bass with tripped out strings providing that melody and more psychedelic vibe. Next up is "Smile" featuring Chooky & Julissa Veloz, which redirects to a soulful future bass sound. If the track "JetPack" is about taking flight, "Wave Rider" is about deep diving bass and snare loops skittering over the surface like waterbugs.

Track four we have "Bad Habits" featuring The HBX, and no lie, I got goosebumps the first time I heard it. The HBX lends his silky smooth vocals to a relationship narrative - "Same Story / She does it for me / And we back at it / Yeah we got some bad habits." David manipulates the bass and soaring synths and the result leaves you gasping for air like that lover you know is just a bad habit. Finally, to close out, The HBX reappears on vocals for the bedroom steamer "Whisper."

Laced with bass throughout, No More Heartbreak represents David's loss, rediscovery, growth, and evolution. It's the first of two more planned EPs and running up to a full album later this year, which we're absolutely looking forward to hearing!

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