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Fontzerelli stays in his lyrical pocket with "La Di Da Di" [Video]

There are few things as satisfying as a rapper spitting in the pocket of the beat. British rapper and international artist, Fontzerelli knew this when he flipped Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh's classic "La Di Da Di" for the hook of Fontz's latest single of the same name. Boasting the same bounce with a new layer of London flair, Fontz's rendition of "La Di Da Di" proves him to be a capable rapper, coming off the heels of his 2017 summer anthem, "Lord Finesse."

"La Di Da Di" features Fontz in his lyrical pocket. With the rhythm of the track, he delivers a pack of playful and energetic bars, with the mean edge we've come to love. The classic 80s flavor of the track pads the grit in Fontz' voice, allowing him to lean into his more aggressive inflections without sounding out of place. Calling to a classic single is a dangerous game, because there's nothing like the original, but Fontz pulls this off with a fresh and attractive swagger. If you're looking for an innovative artist who's also a student of the game, look no further than Fontzerelli.

"I have a routine of receiving random messages from friend and producer Shai Sevin that simply states: 'Shut up and press play!'" Fontz tells EARMILK about the making of the track, "which means: 'Fontz, you are gonna go crazy for this beat!' The routine never fails to amaze me..." Sevin is a longtime collaborator with Fontz, which explains why he sounds so natural over the gummy production.

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