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Fontzerelli takes it back to the 90s as "Lord Finesse" [Video]

Fontzerelli is a British emcee with a longstanding history in the game, starting off in his then group Feng Shui as a songwriter and producer alongside bandmate Shai Sevin. We can also thank Shai Sevin for the funk inspired production on “Lord Finesse.” In terms of visuals, Fontz brings the washed colors and picture box frames of the 90s, then splices those shots with the wide screen angles we’ve come to love. As you can expect, the bars are nasty and meticulously structured. Fontz stitches together the perfect sixteen in the spirit of the golden age. Both the video and Fontzerelli’s delivery are aptly larger than life, shouting out the final syllable in a style reminiscent of Ghostface.

When speaking about the making of the video, Fontz had this to say: “The video was inspired by the golden age of hip-hop. I grew up watching reruns of Yo! MTV Raps and had every episode on VHS, so I wanted to recreate that exact look, and I think we managed to do that. We filmed at Chip Shop BXTN in Brixton, south London; its decor of framed hip-hop greats, graffiti and turntables really embodied the vibe we were trying to create.”

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[…] There are few things as satisfying as a rapper spitting in the pocket of the beat. British rapper and international artist, Fontzerelli knew this when he flipped Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh's classic "La Di Da Di" for the hook of Fontz's latest single of the same name. Boasting the same bounce with a new layer of London flair, Fontz's rendition of "La Di Da Di" proves him to be a capable rapper, coming off the heels of his 2017 summer anthem, "Lord Finesse." […]