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Steve Spiffler & Vinnie Cre$po are worth "Tweetin" about [Premiere]

When you listen to "Tweetin," the latest ditty from Steve Spiffler and Vinnie Cre$po, you'll think that you've time-traveled back to the days of cardboard headspins and laceless Adidas. But this is indeed still 2018; you're just witnessing two versatile emcees flex on a throwback beat that most spitters couldn't hold a Bic to.

Spiffler's old-school production on "Tweetin" is mirrored by the VHS-style visuals, cleverly spliced together by SMLABS. The video was shot at The Sanctuary in Stockton, CA, Spiffler's hometown studio where he and Cre$po laid down their verses for this jawn.

Check out the "Tweetin" flick below and get down like Back to the Future just hit the big screen. Then come  back to the future to peep Skitzo Steve, Spiffler's surprise album that drops next week in honor of Mental Health Awareness month.

Connect with Steve Spiffler: Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

Connect with Vinnie Cre$po: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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