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Kalide, Outr3ach, & Evix huddle up for warming "December"

Australian producer Kalide, Canadian producer Outr3ach, and Michigan-native Evix have huddled up for a powerful, warming collaboration called "December," which features vocals from Bianca and Nick Summerfield. The piece has been released on the prestigious Hegemon label. 

This blissful electronic pop piece goes into overdrive with ping-ponging vocals, harmonies, and an astounding production. With Kalide, Outr3ach, and Evix's stunning production flawlessly underlying Bianca and Nick Summerfield's vocals, "December" instantly becomes a hit. The wavy synths plastered throughout elevate the contrast between the verses and the chorus into warmer months. 

“This song has been in the works for a long time and has gone through many variations. Originally just a Kalide x Outr3ach track with the amazing vocals of Bianca and Nick, we felt like it needed that little something to make it pop. Evix was brought in and added his unique style to make it the track you hear today."

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