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Whet your appetite for some funky tunes with JAMS The Flava Child's "Ring Ring"

2018 is looking up! We can all agree, the past few weeks have been rather odd. No need to go into the finer details here, but it’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this, you catch my drift.

What you may not have caught, however, is that EARMILK favorite, JAMS The Flava Child is back and better than ever. The Chicago artist recently dropped his first song of the year, “Ring Ring,” and is following that up with a full-on EP due out this Summer.

Peep the goodness below.

“Ring Ring” finds our boy JAMS in all too familiar predicament, a booty call that goes right to the voicemail. Not need to be proud, ladies and gents, we’ve all been there. It takes two to tango and well, sometimes your dance partner prefers to catch Zs instead of chasing the night.

Though the subject matter is familiar, JAMS and his delivery is anything but commonplace. His delivery is energetic, the track is funky, and it seamlessly blends hip-hop, funk, electro, and pop to create something unique and upbeat. If JAMS wasn’t on your radar before, you’d do well to place him firmly at the top after this one.

JAMS’ upcoming EP, The Appetizer, is out in Summer so keep your ears peeled for that one while you play “Ring Ring” on repeat. And for all you readers who can relate to this song, here’s hoping you fare better this weekend.

Connect with JAMS The Flava Child: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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