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Red Electrick soar on the evocative "Right Here"

Ever ask yourself, "What's the music scene like in Malta?" Well, the answer is, phenomenal. Enter: Red Electrick, an indie rock band comprised of  lead vocalist Joe Roscoe, guitarist Peter Borg, bassist Ivan Borg, keyboardist Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, and drummer Robert Spiteri. With Roscoe's soaring vocals and the band's intuitive writing, these guys have amassed a score of awards, including: National Malta Music Awards for Best Song, Best Band, and Best New Artist. With three full albums under their belts, these guys sound the furthest from tired, and their latest single, "Right Here," is proof of their resilience and ability to resonate time and time again.

"Right Here" thrives off of Roscoe's subtle rasp and vocal fry. The single has an anthemic structure that swells and cleanses you, has you excited to live another day. This is more than a summer jam, this is a dedication to happiness, both seeking it out and reveling in it. The instrumentation features the careful layering and brightness of indie pop, with guitar riffs reminiscent of folk's evocative arrangement. Red Electrick is a band that knows how to synthesize influences and make a catchy tune weighty. Play "Right Here" when you're speeding down to the shore, but also spin the track when you're approaching a low and need a reminder that life is sweeter than it lets on.   

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Folk · Indie · Indie Pop · Rock


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