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Syskey delivers club ready house anthem "Promise You"

Hailing from south France, rising DJ and producer Syskey has released a club ready house anthem called "Promise You" on Uprise Music. The track promises massive rhythms and grooving basses that carry you throughout. Syskey has already released on major labels like Mixmash, Heldeep, and Uprise Music, so he's no stranger to success. His new self-dubbed "French big house" genre is starting to take way, and "Promise You" is pioneering that journey. 

"Promise You" is an energetic piece from top to bottom. It begins with an acoustic guitar and a contrasting vocal melody pinned against it. It morphs into heavy, stabbing basses that pulverize the speakers with the south France producer's self-dubbed "French big house" genre and style. As the track promises, you're going to have some fun before it's through. 

Last year, Syskey tip-toed a fine line between dark and groovy house music with his Personal Disorder EP. 

Connect with Syskey: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Connect with Uprise Music: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter 

Dance · Electro House


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