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Novo Amor keeps us awake and inspired on otherworldly "State Lines"

It doesn't feel that long ago since EARMILK had our chat with both Novo Amor and Ed Tullett. Catch the interview about their amazing album Heiress here. But for now, the former talented producer is back, this time with his own solo material on "State Lines." 

It's been a while since I've felt inspired to freely run with words of verse about a song. If you're wondering why to listen to this song, honestly, there is just something about Ali Lacey's a.k.a Novo Amor's music, which is some of the most beautiful that currently exists on this planet. "State Lines" starts with characteristically glistening melodies. Clouds of high, misty electronic swells pave the way for immensely clean and all consuming guitar in space. The guitar cuts through the dew, and shortly afterwards Ali's falsetto garners our undivided attention. We love it. Ali's latest release, new single called "State Lines" was recorded in his home studio in Wales, an idyllic setting for the making of an idyllic song.

Connect with Novo Amor: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify
Photo by Alex Kozobolis



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