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Denton Thrift muse about losing love on "Something Real"

British electronic duo Denton Thrift have released the latest track "Something Real" from their forthcoming EP, which is due to hit shelves on May 11 via Majestic Records

"Something Real (Feat. Mared)" is on its surface a soothing electronic ballad. Underneath the surface of the minimalist track is a chilling element, and as the vocal grows progressively more urgent and the lyric calls out "I don't feel", Denton Thrift recreate the harrowing feeling of emptiness that comes before the storm of grief as a relationship ends. Of the track, Denton Thrift says: 

"'Something Real (Feat. Mared)' represents the period in a relationship where the breakdown is inevitable, along with the realisation and subsequent lamenting that comes with this foresight. The longing for something that’s real as opposed to the numbness experienced during the transition between love and loss of."

On "Something Real," a classic vocal is backed by echoing beat and minimalist soundscape, like lake water rippling as a stone is dropped to the bottom. 

Connect with Denton Thrift: Twitter | Website | Soundcloud


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