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Lady Moon & The Eclipse go “Star Gazing” [Video]

When you think of soul and style, Lady Moon & The Eclipse should be your first thought. Lady Moon and her band are the embodiment of spirituality, making music that taps into the deepest vibrations and rhythms.

"Star Gazing," the new single from their forthcoming album, Journey to the Cosmic Soul, captures the groups dedication to spirituality, individuality, and soul. 

"Star Gazing" is driven by a lush bed of synths, playful keys, and the full-bodied aura of funk. Lady Moon & The Eclipse are a natural light. Their music uplifts without second thought, and the writing boasts the same encouraging atmosphere, with lyrics like: "Well, it feels so good to see
A light as good as me / Cause once I was a dimmer glow a lower frequency / But now I like to be / A force of energy / So you and I can gaze upon our cosmic frequency." Lady Moon's vocals glide and waft through the instrumentation, turning "Star Gazing" into a five-minute meditation and moment of healing. 

For all of its sonic depth, the video is even more engaging. Packed with layers, Lady Moon breaks down the video for EARMILK: "The video is meant to bring you through a world of 'Star Gazing' at the “Star People,” which is what I call my audience. It’s a term we can use when we are admiring our community members, co-workers, family and friends, who are being their best and truest selves. It is a term that's more cosmic because that is part of the journey, learning about our cosmic selves and the cosmic perspective. In the end we travel to the 5th dimension which is where Lady Moon is originally from. This dimension is full of magic and wonderful things both bad and good, but you can possess a power that is grater than the 3rd dimension."

Connect with Lady Moon & The Eclipse  Twitter | Instagram | Official Website

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