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Get to know C.A.R. [Exclusive Mix + Interview]

Few albums cross my path these days that really capture my attention (to be fair, I've migrated away from album-based musical genres over the years and towards the EP standard in most dance music), so it takes something special to hold me captivated throughout the entire listen, let alone for months and months after; still repeating, and repeating, and repeating.. That is the case with my love affair of C.A.R.'s full length release on Ransom Note last year titled "Pinned". The raw, electronic soundscape and perky, fun vocals that C.A.R. (real name Chloé Raunet), injects into the album give it such a wide range of emotional intrigue that, as tested, allows it to be played at any moment, in any situation.

The album is still my most listened to, and just a few weeks back I received a special treat in my inbox with the opportunity to interview C.A.R. and better yet, she wanted to make a mix for EARMILK. Here is the result -  a more club focused hour of fun, weird, trippy sounds selected and picked for us as she readies herself for some recent DJ gigs. Read on below and get to know C.A.R. and get ready to hear a lot more in the coming months from the London based artist. Grab her album via Bandcamp and pre-order the first remix album here as well. 


Words From Cookie - C.A.R.
Drei - Wrong Steps
Koeln Dusseldorf - Christian S
Polyrythmic - Phil Kieran
Meine Hand - CPI
Health (Original Mix) - Raudive
When I Lose My Rhythm - Desert Sound Colony
Vanity - June
Unknown Caller - Sexoid
Daughters (Khidja Remix) - C.A.R.
Galaxy - Core
R-Mancer (Roman Flugel's K-Lauer Mix) - Tuff City Kids
Knockin Sense - Aphrohead
Lust Unrequited (Maya Danon Remix) - Eyes Of Others

As you can hear, the mix goes a bit bigger than some might suspect if you had only heard her album. There's a big difference between club music that DJs play and everyday listening music but C.A.R. doesn't put any restrictions or rules on her music, making for some moments on the album of pure euphoria mixed with contemplative, drawn out sections. While most of the tracks on "Pinned" might not fit the usual club sound, there's something good in the works for us DJs - the two part remix release is forthcoming as mentioned and Chloé reveals some of the artists towards the end of the interview. Enjoy the mix she's curated for us and make sure to check out a track or two from the album at the end of the article. 

Hi Chloé, how are you today? For those who don't already know could you introduce yourself and what you do? 
Hi there I’m really good thanks. My name is Chloé, my artist name is C.A.R. and I make off-kilter-electronic-off-pop. I also co-host the 239EF show on NTS Radio
You lived in a few different places before you settled in Britain. Which influenced you most and why? 
I settled in the UK when I was 16. I reckon musically it’s influenced me the most (I didn’t know much of anything before arriving here), but I still draw on personal experiences from Canada, NYC and Marseille, especially when it comes to lyrics. 
As somebody who isn't musically trained, do you feel that being self taught helped you be more free creatively? 
The fact I’m self-taught is a constant struggle. I guess in one way it’s allowed me to be a bit freer, but it’s also accompanied with a cluster of insecurities. That whole, ‘when are they gonna suss I’m a total fraud’ stuff plagues me on a daily basis. There’s also the frustration of not always being able to express myself in the most efficient way. But then again, I do like being punk and not having to abide to any rules. I’ve had plenty of time to learn more and haven’t, so that must say something. The music I like tends to be quite rough around the edges too. I generally shy away with anything too accomplished.
The mix you have put together contains fairly current tracks, was this a conscious decision? What was your process for choosing the music for this mix?
I DJ’d in Berlin a few weeks back with my bass player, Harry James. It was a Ransom Note party at Renate and they stuck us on 5-8am. I’m not the most experienced DJ and was totally bricking it, but in the end we had sooooooooo much fun, really bashed it out but held our own for the duration. Recently I’ve had to do quite a few mixes around the album release and I guess I just wanted to shake it up a bit, do something more big room / club, especially off the back of that super fun weekend. 
Your latest album 'Pinned' as C.A.R was geared more towards pop / electronica. You have said you may release music under a different moniker in the future, would this come with a change of musical style? Which ones would you like to explore? 
I’m trying to make weird dance music. I love pop but it is limiting in a way, especially as I’ve always straddled two scenes. So far I haven’t managed to produce anything I like, but it’s a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull something out of the bag before the year’s out. I’m also working on new C.A.R. stuff too, so my feet ain’t straying too far.
We've heard there's a remix album coming out soon, can you tell us a bit more about it? Is there anybody in particular you are excited to have on there? 
I’ve always been really lucky with remixes and these 2 releases on Ransom Note are no exception. First to come out is ‘PINNED UP’ with Michael Meyer, Bawrut, Marcus Worgull, Lokier and more … it will be followed by ‘PINNED DOWN’ with Fantastic Twins, Khidja, Hologram Teens, Peaking Lights +++ We also have an incredible remix from Manfredas. They’re all really different and wonderful in their own way. I’m super excited about it all. 

Connect with C.A.R.: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



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