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Empala paint brooding emotions with "Strokes of the Brush"

"Strokes of the Brush" is the newest visual release from the Hamburg-based trio who go by the moniker Empala. The alternative sounds that emanate from these musicians tap into a forgotten time while exuding a modern day feeling as well.

The Marcus Schneider-produced record is brooding and cinematic - urgency is the first thing that comes to mind when the lead vocals kick in. You can feel the despair in the vocalist's wailing performance that cuts through the shrilling guitar backdrop. The fall and rise of emotions from the verses through to the chorus make the record intriguing and unforgettable.

The noir aesthetic used for the visuals adds more suspense to the record. The directors Naëma Faika and Clemens Barth make use of abstract, quirky motifs which aligns with the performance of the main characters in the video. The identities and intentions of the characters remain unknown to the listener - we are left wondering what exactly is going on. This approach drives the already broody record to a higher plateau of mysteriousness. "Strokes of the Brush"  is the first single off their upcoming EP, which will release in autumn of 2018.

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