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UMEK's 'Percussionix' will stop you in your tracks

While it might have been some time since we've covered UMEK's releases on our pages, we certainly haven't forgotten about him. The Slovenian DJ, label-owner and producer has been producing music that fairs on the darker, take-me-down-the-rabbit-hole type of house music. This time he's linked up with Carl Cox's Intec Digital on his latest, a two-track EP entitled Percussionix

Simply put, the eponymous track that is morphed into "Mix 1" and "Mix 2" on this EP is incredible. If you're a fan of anything with the word "tech" involved - techno, tech house or otherwise - this will keep your jaw on the floor throughout its entirety. To describe the track as high energy, infectious hi hat-punctuated grooves and synth progression just doesn't do it justice. There is something visceral about "Percussionix" - take a listen for yourself to feel it to its fullest.

Connect with UMEK: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tech House · Techno


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