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Cop summer feels with BLAISE's "Aw Yeah," produced by Whethan

Los Angeles, California-based songwriter and rapper BLAISE released a warm, inviting summer track called "Aw Yeah." The track, which was produced by Atlantic Records' Whethan, highlights both Whethan's moody production with BLAISE's cunning vocals. Additionally, BLAISE has only been releasing music under this alias for a mere 12 months, but he's been writing tracks for other artists for many years. 

Featuring moving chords, an ever-evolving and swelling bass line, and an extreme retro vibe, "Aw Yeah" is a contrasting masterpiece that highlights Whethan's flawless production chops and BLAISE's veteran songwriting skills. The second half of the track utilizes an 808 kick, upping the diversity of the highly variant piece. 

“With the amount of music I’ve written over the past year or two I don’t know where to start. So I guess this first one is just to get things going," says BLAISE. "Thank you to everyone who supports me and helps create these songs."

Connect with BLAISE: SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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