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Murkage Dave lays his soul out on the table, with "You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy"

For London born Murkage Dave, the last couple of years have been crazy, even by his standards. From club scene kingpin, to touring the U.K. with fellow Brit Mike Skinner & The Streets, Dave has seen his stock rapidly rise. With a new army of fans gained, alongside his most passionate supporters, the Leytonstone don has been consistently releasing slick music regularly. Working alongside other artists such as Hologram Lo, Jaykae & more, Dave has been crafting so incredible jams that have fans lapping up his every word.

This weeks new release is no different, as "You Always Ring When I'm Busy" see's the mercurial Brit back at his lyrical best. Backed by production from French artist Hologram Lo, Dave croons his way through a tale of despair & guilt, as he explains how dealing with people always asking for favours really drags him down. "This one is for all the people I've put on the guestlist" he declared on his Twitter. This joint is a slick & honest look into the life of someone who's stature within the scene has him clamouring to release all his feelings & thoughts.

You can stream the soulful "You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy" across all major streaming platforms.

Connect with Murkage Dave: Website | Twitter | Instagram

R&B · U.K.


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