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Xavier White shares groovy "Caught Up In Living" track and music video

New York City-based Xavier White puts together his signature R&B sound with exquisite electronic elements to get "Caught Up In Living." His previous tracks, "Dancing After Dark" and "Sudden Change," were well received amongst fans with equally as infectious melodies and rhythms.  

"Caught Up In Living" is a track about White and his previous lover growing apart on their own terms through trials and tribulations. The authentic, raw, and sultry vocals pair superbly with the groovy percussion, meaty bass lines, soft piano chords, and meticulously crafted melodies. White's inviting vocals caress the melody and harmonies effortlessly, while a pulsing beat underlies the continuous movement. "We must be so caught up in living; that our hearts won't listen," sings White. 

Connect with Xavier White: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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[…] talents vibe perfectly with Xavier White. White has previously released the sultry and groovy "Caught Up In Living" track and music […]