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Start your week off right with Swan Levitt's gentle, yet powerful tune "Alive"

There’s no right way to start off the week. For some, an intense approach is the only way to go. Those people will brew the most potent coffee imaginable, and blast some high octane tunes to get their hearts pumping so they can push through the slog that is Monday morning.

For others (this writer included) it’s all about the slow and gradual attack. Tea stands in place of coffee, and a gentle, thought-provoking tune is needed to rouse the mind into working form. If you fall into this camp, Swan Levitt and his latest single, “Alive” is the song for you.

Hailing from the shores of the Isle of Wight in England, Swan effortlessly delivers a powerful acoustic folk song in “Alive.” The track starts off with nothing but a simple guitar riff on loop and Levitt’s soft voice asking, “Where is your father?” From there, Levitt continues delivering vivid image after vivid image over that same loop, slowly dialing up the ferocity of his delivery as the song walks on.

“Alive” is the type of unexpected introduction to an artist that knocks you off your seat. For a song with such peaceful instrumentation, the subject matter is harsh, and that juxtaposition delivered with Levitt’s voice is a beautiful thing. The song, according to Levitt, is all about loss. While he wrote it specifically about a friend who battled cystic fibrosis, Levitt felt that listeners from all walks could relate to the broader meaning of loss that the song conveys.

Whether you’re the type to start off the week with a bang, or the type who prefers the slow and steady rise, “Alive” will set you right. Swan Levitt is yet another young and talented artist making his way in the world, and we can't wait to hear what he does next. Press play on “Alive” above and be sure to always start your mornings off the best way possible, right here on EARMILK.

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