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Nick Minieri cranks up the groove on "Style Guide"

Boston based producer Nick Minieri is about to leave a trail of dancing bodies behind the back of his new record titled "Style Guide"

The avid record collector turned producer delivers this smooth, no-frills house track that taps into the vintage spirit of classic house elements from the 80s and 90s. Crafted behind a simple drum groove which expands into a hotbed of intermittent vocal samples, rollicking percussions,  referee whistles and a mesmerizing bassline to complete the job. The producer talks a bit about the creation of this song which involved him working only from his iPhone using an app called Caustic. He adds "...Even though I normally work in Ableton, I wanted to switch up my workflow for this project to see if working around the limitations of my aging iPhone could yield creative results. Had a lot of fun putting it together."

"Style Guide" is the lead single from his upcoming album titled Swatchbook. The entire album is a concept album in the sense all the tracks were designed, sequenced and arranged entirely on his iPhone; this change in workflow enabled the producer to step outside his comfort zone and bring some of the ideas to life in a completely different way. The album will be out on 5/7 and will be available for download on Bandcamp here.

Connect with  Nick Minieri : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Deep House · Disco


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