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Myke Bogan links up with Kid Indigo for new track "On My Way"

Following up on the huge success of last year's Pool Party, Myke Bogan is back at it with his first single leading up to a new project, Joe Fontana, due out later this year. “On My Way” features contributions from Portland’s Kid Indigo who you might know as the front man for indie-pop/reggae group Foreign Talks. 2thirty5 handles the feel good production. 

The focus of this song is the journey to becoming great while feeling the frustration of not receiving proper recognition. This is a struggle that many can relate with reagardless of the industry they are working in. Greatness is seldom given, but more often earned and Myke Bogan seems to understand this with the work ethic he displays. Having a quality album in back to back years is is a tough feat, but this is a great tease into just that. Check out this single and stay tuned for Joe Fontana coming soon.


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