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Old Man Saxon evokes funk on "See Me Like This"

As the story goes, Old Man Saxon is a rapper. Saxon is a rapper, but he is also a rap professor at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles California.


Saxon is a rap professor, but in 2016, he also released his EP The Perils, which blended LA cool with the high brow cheek you'd expect from a man embroiled in academe. Fast forward to 2018, and Old Man Saxon is releasing The Pursuit, an EP that blends punk, noire, and funk into a five-track romp. Of these five cuts, standout track "See Me Like This," embodies classic funk grooves with an innovative twist.

You've never seen Old Man Saxon like this: stunting over scratches and break beats. His flow on "See Me Like This" is immaculately stitched and oozing with personality. Saxon lets his natural swagger do the work, his delivery rolling off the back of some gummy synth leads. He plays with his inflections, summoning that wry humor that made The Perils such a memorable affair. There's an attractive ease and gumption driving "See Me Like This," the kind of music you'd play before going out for the night, the kind of music that might just make Old Man Saxon your new favorite rapper.

Listen to the full The Pursuit EP here.

Connect with Old Man Saxon on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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