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Get to the club early with Claude VonStroke's 'Walay (My Bae)'

It's no wonder DIRTYBIRD label head Claude VonStroke made a special surprise appearance at The Do Lab during Coachella's Weekend 2 - he needed to test out some new music. Two tracks, in fact, that are out today.

While the two-track EP includes a down the rabbit hole "Raw Nerve," it's this release's title track that is the must-listen. Perfectly encapsulating the feel-good, live-free mantra of the DIRTYBIRD crew, "Walay (My Bae)" is peak time dance floor (or festival) weird, and if your day isn't over, this will set you sailing into the weekend pretty much immediately. With synths that almost act as call and response to one another, "Walay (My Bae)" calls for dancing.

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Dance · House


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