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Chong the Nomad releases a beautifully idiosyncratic electronic track "Pompelmo" [Premiere]

Seattle-based Alda Agustiano, aka Chong the Nomad, is an ambitiously inventive producer who delivers snap catchy melodies through avant-garde experimental sound. Today, the 22-year old artist has graced EARMILK with the chance to premiere her latest single, "Pompelmo." Check it out below.

Compared to some of her more atmospheric earlier work, "Pompelmo" contains a ton of experimental pops and sounds. The track's an unapologetic production of sonic self-expression from the artist and its disjointed rhythms deliver pockets of quirky, carefree beats that makes it really enjoyable to dance along to. Having begun producing music at age 14 and learning to score films in college, Chong the Nomad clearly brings to the table a wealth of knowledge for weaving together very cinematic electronic music.

“I wanted to make a dance song that was 100%, unapologetically -me-. I can be a little goofy and all over the place, but most of all I love to dance and go crazy with other people. I went into a new project with that in mind and Pompelmo came out.” - Alda

Connect with Chong the Nomad: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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