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Billie Eilish and Khalid release moody "lovely"

Take two of the best voices in pop music and pair them with one of the greatest new producers in pop music, and you get magic. 

The unstoppable Billie Eilish has released "lovely," a new track with Khalid. It is as brooding as you'd expect, in keeping with her dont smile at me character. Written by Eilish, her brother Finneas, and Khalid, the track showcases writing chops that defy the artist's respective ages (Eilish is sixteen, Khalid and Finneas both a mere twenty). The track premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 World Record, and deals with themes of loneliness and getting stuck in your own thoughts. Speaking of the writing process, Eilish says: "it wasn’t like we’re going to the studio and going to write a hit, you feel me. It was like hey come over, let’s hangout... me and my brother hung out with Khalid in our house as friends and we ended up writing a song."

The production is a whole other story. When I say that Finneas is one of the greatest new producers in pop music at the moment, I do not do so lightly. Each song produced for his sister has a vastly different feel to the others, while maintaining a lush signature. That is no easy feat, and Finneas accomplishes his duty as producer with a deft and delicate hand. The track swells and fades in great gusts, and Eilish gets to explore the lower side of her register as much as her breathy falsetto. It is dramatic and orchestral, with heart-wrenching strings provided by Madison Leinster, but also reigned in. "lovely" is a great addition to the catalogue of each of these artists. 

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