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Avid Dancer "Echoes" a blast from the past

Avid Dancer, the stage name for singer/songwriter Jacob Summers, is an amazing creator of clever and emotional ballads.  He also is a former marine. The fourth single from his upcoming LP, "Echoes," rings true to his forte, a short, yet impactful piece with spacious melodies and a laid back groove.

There’s one lyric in the song that really sums it all up:

“Only when you’re near, do I feel our time is dear. When you’re not around, I only hear your sound.” The lyrics here build a song about constantly having someone on your mind, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Is it a blessing or a curse?

Those who are frequent listeners of MGMT, The XX, or Sir Sly will definitely find this rising artist to fit just their liking. 

Connect with Avid Dancer: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify


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