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Docman gives us a piece of his soul on "Two... (feat. Haeden)"

Docman is a master of sublimation. His life story is marked by immeasurable loss, losing family members to senseless violence. Moving from AZ to Virginia, and finally to Houston, Docman split his time between mimicking his cousin's pursuit of dealing and a passion for rap. Eventually, Doc gave himself all the way over to the craft of hip-hop, drawing inspiration from Wu-Tang favorites in the suffix of his rap name. On a creative high, Doc released 20 mixtapes in four years, spanning 2008 to 2012 with his group, JHC. His debut EP, The DOCument came in 2015, wherein he began fusing his underground sensibilities with mainstream production and melodies.

Fast forward to 2018, and Docman is proving himself to be a master of the new and old schools. On "Two...," Doc blends a sharp flow with a catchy song arrangement to hook us into his storytelling until the final second.  "'Two...' is a track about taking a negative situation and making it a positive," Doc explains. "Even when people threaten your life, you still have to keep pushing. The enemy wins when you quits."

With a deceptively bright beat, tapping into both house and island vibes, you can full admire Docman as a survivor. He is a testament to finding the light in the dark, and as his tight flows pierce the track and sink into the listener, you have to wonder, how could anyone root against this guy? 

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