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Boerd adds a modern spin to classic ominous sounds with "Ebb" [Premiere]

I've always loved choral music. I'm speaking of the kind of music typically paired with stained glass windows, men in robes and ominous vaulted ceilings. Swedish newcomer Boerd has turned monkish chanting on its head with his latest single "Ebb", out today via Anjunadeep. 

Boerd is no stranger to classical and traditional forms of music. He is a double bassist with the Swedish Royal Opera and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. "Ebb" is from his forthcoming mini-album Static. "Ebb" plays on memory and emotion Boerd says: "this song reminds me of when you wake up from a dream, and you have a very deep feeling of sadness, happiness or anything else and you know it was something you dreamt but you can't remember what it was." 

Deep choral vocals and delicate, twinkling piano are backed by exactly what you'd expect, given the album's title: static. The digital is juxtaposed with the analog in the most extreme yet unobtrusive way. "Ebb" is “the flowing back of the tide as the water returns to the sea,” according to Boerd. The final touch on this truly beautiful piece of minimalist production is an ever-present, sustained note whispered underneath the entire piece—the imprint of a wave on the sand. 

Connect with Boerd: Spotify | Twitter | Facebook

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