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Born Dirty is back with another major bop in "Face" feat. G Perico

One of the most exciting names in house music right now is undoubtedly Born Dirty

I've been big on his high octane dance floor scorchers since his track "Crazy" crossed my path a couple months back, and the West London producer is taking no prisoners on this latest offering. With the help of lyrical flames from lauded rapper G. Perico, "Face" strikes a similar brash note as "Crazy," but pushed up several notches with G. Perico's incendiary wordflow and powerful use of negative space in the sound design. Landing squarely on notorious party starter Fool's Gold Records, "Face" goes in with punishing drums and a minimal build,  hovering on the edge of insanity with the signature ominous Born Dirty low end. Something tells me I should look forward to hearing this track rinsed by the big guns this festival season. Born Dirty is on the road hitting the festival circuit hard in 2018 - don't miss him.


Connect with Born DirtyFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with G. Perico: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



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