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Mir Fontane tells the story of 'Macaroni Tony' on 10-song EP

Mir Fontane is back and better than ever. He just released Macaroni Tony, a 10-track EP that sees production from Kev Rodgers, Kenif Muse, kees, and OVO affiliate Mike Zombie. On Macaroni Tony, Fontane presents his alter ego - a character who is based on the misguided perception people from his hometown of Camden made about him as he gained popularity. The concept project is an impressive follow-up to his debut album, Camden. This time, he toys with a couple different sounds but doesn't stray away from the storytelling that is characteristic of his music. While more melody-driven songs like "New Friends," "Hesitate," and "Bodega" seem to already be fan favorites, "Next" could be foreshadowing what different directions he can explore with his sound. The EP feels like a thorough introduction to the story of Macaroni Tony. Mir Fontane is again proving that he is disturbingly underrated. Press play on Macaroni Tony up above. 

Connect with Mir Fontane: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook | MirFontane.com



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