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Ngyn gives Post Malone's "I Fall Apart" a lo-fi remix

Oh man, who else digs lo-fi? I remember studying in University putting on a YouTube channel that was live-streaming a lo-fi hip-hop playlist and would get lost in my work for hours. It's a guilty pleasure of mine even though I tell people I'm "full EDM bro". 

Proud to cover this lo-fi remix of Post Malones popular "I Fall Apart" by Ngyn also known as Steven Nguyen. He's an up and coming artist from my hometown Vancouver. Specialized in using a mix of electronic and organic instruments, from harps, strings to Asian influenced instruments, he incorporates his sound with future bass vibes to give off his signature sound.

Steven strips down the track to Post Malone's vocals as the shine of the track, and to give it the lo-fi feel he incorporates the beat and a Rhode piano along with sounds of rain and a music box. Sticking to his roots we can hear the Asian influence mixed in, a great listen that will have you tearing up by the end. The artwork brings the remix full circle, visualizing the vibe that he aims to exude. 

The artist has another lo-fi track in his Soundcloud as well as various remixes for artists that you might recognize. Check out his socials below. 

Connect with Ngyn: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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