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Elliot Lee tackles her insecurities on "SRY ILY"

Elliot Lee delivers this heart-wrenching confessional record titled "SRY ILY". Her emotionally drenched vocal tone really displays her inner feelings of self-awareness regarding how one’s own mental illness can lead to toxicity in relationships. She strikes a nerve with lyrics like "...I don’t fit in, I try too hard/ And I butt in so I’ll be heard/ I’m not polite, I overshare/ But if you need me I’ll be there...". over a haunting soundscape that lacks percussions but its rich in its ominous features. While the verses dwell on her pain and shortcomings, the chorus ties everything up with a plea for understanding. "SRY ILY" is, at its basis, a darkly honest song about what it’s like to have a mental illness interfere with relationships.

The NYC-based Elliot Lee refers to herself as "a quirky, diligent soldier for those who have no voice". "SRY ILY" is a tip of the iceberg of what we should expect from her. She is currently working on releasing her next single in the upcoming months.

Connect with Elliot Lee: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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