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Lauren Sanderson and PnB Rock are "Written In The Stars"

Consider yourself officially put-on-notice about being late on Lauren Sanderson.  This boss lady has been delivering classics for the last handful of years and can never be accused of making music without a message.  Her latest track "Written In The Stars" is a song about telling her emotionally damaged bae she wants to take their love to the next level.

"Written In The Stars" features PnB Rock who delivers the perfect collaboration, borrowing a piece from the Chris Brown jam "Excuse Me Miss" and crooning about his love for his lady.  She knows that her lover's previously been hurt, talking about how they used to chase money and fame and drinking away their pain.  She commiserates about her previous drug use, body image issues, and generally not wanting to be herself.

I know it's hard
I know that your guard's up
You've been fightin' for so long
I know you been chasing cars, wasted hearts
You been drinking til it's gone

Be sure to check out the rest of her tunes (Oceans and Jenny come highly recommended) and lyrics for "Written In The Stars" below!

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Future R&B · R&B · Rap


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