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Yasmeen delivers an emotional acoustic rendition of her single, "Half of Me"

It's one thing to be vulnerable in your writing, but to give your soul to the listener with your every note is another feat entirely. Los Angeles singer Yasmeen accomplishes just that on the acoustic rendition of her single, "Half of Me." Inspired by the first time she met her ex's new girl, Yasmeen's vocal delivery is vexed and guttural. Placing the single in the context of her catalog, we take note of her impressive range: uptempo cuts like "My Way" prove Yasmeen capable of tapping into an array of emotions.

"Half of Me" remains her bread and butter. The heart wrenching piano ballad marches forth on a bed of minor chords and crushing belts from Yasmeen. There is no restraint in her voice as she dips into the highest and earthiest spheres of her range. "If I'm going down in flames, I'll make sure you're coming with me," she declares, tinged by her loss. "She ain't even half of me, why'd you give her half of me?" Yasmeen pleads with the enigmatic ex. While her pain is universal, the specificity in the writing keeps the single uniquely her own. If Yasmeen continues on this path of openness and heartfelt performance, she will surely bloom into a seminal star.

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