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QRTR's remix of Nora Rothman's "Lilies" joins EP for Planned Parenthood [Premiere]

Nora Rothman is taking on the patriarchy. In 2017, Rothman released her debut self-titled EP after working on Hillary Clinton's campaign. In the political turmoil since, one could understand her need to do something, anything to rail against the current administration. With QRTR's remix of her tune "Lilies," Rothman announces a remix EP, featuring a lineup of all-female identifying producers including Birch, Ah-Mer-Ah-Su, Suzi Analogue, and Libra Rising. The best part? Fifty percent of the download proceeds from The Remix EP will go to Planned Parenthood, because women rock—and we're fed up with the short end of the stick.  

"No one fights harder for womxn than [Planned Parenthood] does," Rothman says. Speaking further on the EP concept, she elaborates:

Female, trans, and gender nonconforming artists are churning out the best music in the world. I am so grateful to the producers, engineers, label execs, managers and publicists who lent their skills to this project. 

New York City's QRTR puts a subdued spin on the normally minimalist folk tune. She allows Rothman's voice to preside over the lush electronica, but adds a kind of gravity to "Lilies", the constant pulse of the beat grounding Rothman's feather-light vocal. It is ethereal and powerful. While creating the remix, QRTR "fell into a beautiful and meditative spiral for most of the day and came through with our first draft a couple weeks early. Working with Nora was not only an incredibly smooth and inspiring experience, but a healing one too." The full five-track EP will be available April 20th via Electric Bird Records, but is now available for pre-order, with a $5 minimum donation.

Nora Rothman - Remix EP Track Listing:

1. Lilies - QRTR Remix

2. Note to My Ex-Lover - Birch Remix

3. Truth or Dare - Libra Rising Edit

4. Truth or Dare - Suzi Analogue Club Mix

5. Note to My Ex-Lover - Ah-Mer-Ah-Su Edit

Connect with Nora Rothman: Website | Instagram | Spotify

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