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Thoreau taps Chloe Tang for blissed out future pop anthem "Off My Back" [Premiere]

We've all been in one-sided relationships. Maybe you've been neglected, or you've been the one doing the neglecting. Whether you're the predator or the prey, it takes a great deal of strength to not only realize you're in a toxic relationship, but to also find the audacity to call it quits. Enter Colorado-based producer Thoreau, whose new song "Off My Back" explores the melancholy nature of poisonous relationships while inspiring listeners who may be stuck in one.

"Off My Back," which EARMILK has the distinct pleasure of exclusively premiering, is a soaring pop tune with an electronic backbone. From a production standpoint, it has all the trimmings of a future bass anthem - warm saws, euphoric leads, fluttering arpeggios, and expertly pitched vocal chops interspersed throughout the drop. What gives it an edge over the other future bass submissions I receiver, however, is the vocal effort from fellow Denver native Chloe Tang. Her lyrics are catchy, potent and original, and she delivers them with authority. Here is what she had to say about their origins: 

"To me, 'Off My Back' represents a turning point in any relationship when things become really clear and you realize that you're not being treated the way you deserve. This song is special for me because I was in a place in my life where my alter ego (who is f****** fearless) was finally becoming part of the real me and I was no longer afraid of demanding better for myself."

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