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Odie is heating up with yet another great release in "North Face"

Here’s a philosophical brain teaser to kick your mind into high gear: Is it possible for Odie to make a bad song? You know what, forget it. I’ll answer it for you. No. No, it is not.

The San Diego resident has released three songs over the past few months, and they’re all fire. What’s more, each has a different sound from the last which says a great deal about the young artist. Not only is he talented, but he’s not afraid to branch out. And, even when he does branch out, he still keeps a high level of quality

On his latest, “North Face,” Odie recounts a tale of love while he worked retail at North Face. The story finds him worrying about the current position he finds himself in, with respect to both his career and with this lady. 

For anyone struggling to find their place in the World (read: most of us), the theme is a relatable one. And when Odie delivers it with a voice like his, well, there's not much more you could want in a track. To think, this guy is still in college. Sheesh, the future is looking bright.

Odie’s debut project Analogue drops on April 6th and is proving to be a must own. Until the project drops, press play on “North Face” above and be sure to stay tuned to EARMILK for all your Odie news.

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