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Witness the birth of a star with Ellie Occleston's "Splinters"

Hello, world. Today, we at EARMILK would like to introduce you to an extraordinary rising talent from the city of London, Ellie Occleston. On her debut single, "Splinters," Occleston makes it clear she is a star in the making with a voice that demands attention. Peep the track below.

"Splinters" starts out calm, with nothing but a few simple piano chords playing over and over. After a few moments, Occleston sings in a calm and soothing voice, "Today, I lost my sanity." It's a bold juxtaposition and one hell of a way to introduce yourself to the world. And after a start like that, she makes it impossible to tear yourself away from the rest of the song.

From there, "Splinters" continues along with nothing but that melancholy piano and Occelston's light yet powerful voice pushing things forward. There are a ton of things striking about this song, from the well-written lyrics and her amazing vocal range to the lack of percussions that make the track feel deeply personal. But what's most impressive about "Splinters" is that this is Occelston's debut. At 18 years old, Ellie Occleston has nowhere to go but up, and with a song like "Splinters" as the starting block, she's already miles above the clouds.

It's going to be exciting to watch Occleston's career take off. With so much talent, there is no reason she won't shine. And in this case, I think the stars would very much agree.

Connect with Ellie Occleston: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Folk · Neo-Soul · Soul


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