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SISTER Collective drops "SISTERHOOD" playlist to celebrate IWD [Premiere]

We have a special treat for you at EARMILK today. It's International Women's Day, and so we've teamed up with the awesome SISTER Collective to showcase some insane female talent within dark, underground bass driven music. 
SISTER is a universal rave collective curated by Carly Wilford, Shan McGinley, and a team of ferocious tastemakers. Following the success of their brilliant global independent radio show, we're very excited that the group are dropping "SISTERHOOD" with us today. "SISTERHOOD" features a new wave of versatile talent, and, oh my goodness, the tracks go so hard. The collective will take you back to what raves used to be. An exciting  journey into the unknown, expect forward-thinking tracks, and a community that live for music. The team musically link across the UK and US dance scenes with heavy bass lines across genres. Meanwhile, the collective paints a promising projection of the electronic music scene's unstoppable future.
SISTER regularly team up with producers, MC's, DJ's, singers, performers, photographers, videographers & fashion designers etc, each with their own unique personalities, styles and diversity. Releasing exclusive music, remixes, mixes, radio shows the group bring through underground talent. The group harness diverse artistic direction selected by different visions, but still with the core SISTER ethos. Check out the mad work they're doing below, and join the movement.
Connect with SISTER: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify
Photo credit: Sarah Kourey for Entirety UK  


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