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Scally gives you all the feels, with his stripped back jam "H, Town"

2018 has already seen a lot of change for Scally. The British singer/songwriter/producer extriodinaire has moved across Europe, and with his move it seems a new spark has been ignited as he prepares to put out yet another new song, within such a short space of time.

"H, Town" sees Scally return with a stripped back slow song, designed to make you feel something. With just his voice and a piano to get his emotions across, Scally certainly manages to stir up those feelings, with lingering notes & love struck lyrics ebbing and flowing across the subtle piano chords below. The track was recorded in Berlin, where Scally currently resides, and it seems his surroundings are helping spark even more creativity from the London born crooner. The song is available to download on his Bandcamp, along with the lyrics, and you can name your price!

Connect with Scally: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Neo-Soul · R&B · U.K.


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